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Chicago gets the bid

The Chicago Tribue reported that Chicago is the U.S. bid city to hold the Olympics in 2016. Now that this happened, Chicago needs to gain international support, start its fundraising efforts and refine the city's venue plan, among many other things. "In the coming months, Chicagoans also can expect to see "a pick-up squad of events jockeys," or experts in various aspects of running an Olympics, said Frazier, adding they will conduct extensive testing of the city's proposals, which can be expected to evolve during the coming 2 1/2 years."Chicago beat out Los Angeles and now faces Tokyo, Madrd, Rome, Prague and Rio de Janiero in international competition. The reporter compares Chicago's bid to New Yorks failed bid for the 2012 games.

The reporter discussed the funding of the Chicago bid and it was explained well in one paragraph. "The committee has raised more than $32 million in cash to support the bid, of which up to $5 million has been spent on the domestic campaign, Ryan said last week. Overall, the bid itself is likely to cost $50 million or more, if the experiences of New York and London for the 2012 Games are any indicator. The Chicago 2016 committee also is counting on private donations to help build some venues. Ryan said it will be seeking about $15 million for the equestrian center planned for Lake County and another $15 million for the aquatics center planned for Douglas Park on the West Side, which also would be funded by the sale of air rights to the developer of the Olympic Village south of McCormick Place." This kept the flow of the story giong. The reporter kept the more interesting things in the beginning of the story and as the story got closer to the end, it also lost its exciting momentum.

The Baltimore Sun also reported on this exciting news. The reporter looked mainly to the future and compared Chicago with Atlanta, the Olympic host in 1996. "When Atlanta won the right to hold the 1996 Olympics, it was like finding out that the unremarkable kid from Mrs. Smith's fifth-grade class - the kid whose only talent seemed to be belching his name - had gone on to own a Fortune 500 company." This story is very biased against the city of Atlanta. This story also gives the impression that Chicago is almost a definite winner of the international bid. The story does mention the cities that Chicago is up against, but makes fun of them:
The Colosseum. The Roman Forum. Circus Maximus. The place is in ruins.
Prague, Czech Republic.
I have to be very, very careful here because my mother-in-law is Bohemian, but if the cuisine of a country is built around the humble dumpling, should it get an Olympics? I'm just asking.
Doha, Qatar.
Anybody else notice that Qatar is right across the Persian Gulf from Iran?
Baku, Azerbaijan.
Anybody else notice that Iran sits on this country's southern border? Again, just asking.
We just swallowed Los Angeles like a California roll, so what would we do with Tokyo? Make it feel like it just ate some bad blowfish.
St. Petersburg, Russia.
One of its sister cities in the United States is Los Angeles. The other, for some reason, is Lansing, Mich.
In July and August, the temperature often tops 100. The good news is that housing won't be a problem; citizens often leave town to escape the heat. Anybody up for an Olympic marathon?
Monterrey, Mexico.
Rio de Janeiro.
I'm still working on why this one is a bad idea. Bikini wax issues?

The repoter from the Baltimore Sun did a good job of giving hope to the US that Chicago will for sure get the bid. He points all of the bad things about the other candidates and this makes the article feel like propaganda. I think the Chicago reporter did a better job explaining the whole situation without making it seem like Chicago is the best city on the Earth.