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Damaging Storms

The Indianapolis Star published an AP story on the storms that created tornadoes in LaPorte County in Indiana on Thursday. The story reported on LaPorte County Police Detective Shayna Mireles' experience in the storms. SHe was trapped in her upside down squad car.

The reporter just gave basic facts. They reported the county only, a reader unfamiliar with the counties of Indiana would not know where these storms hit. He/She reported on what happened to one person and left out what happened to the rest of the county. The audience could wonder if any buildings were damaged or if anyone was hurt or killed. The reporter didn't give much information about the storm or where it hit.

The day before, on April 27, the Boston Globe also reported on this storm. It was reported that seven people were injured from the storm and specifically where the storms hit, Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois. The reporter discussed some of the damgage the storm caused, specifically to a nursing home. The reporter quoted a father on how his family survived the storm.

The story in the Boston Globe was better because it gave more information about the storm. Granted the second story was a follow-up on how one person survived the storm in an unusual way, it wasn't that interesting because many people have to go through unusual things in order to survive a storm. The first story was more interesting and gave more information about the storm that the second one didn't give. The information was probably not given because it had already been covered the day before.