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Fast French Train

The San Diego Union Tribune printed a story from AP on the French train that has 25,000 horsepower. The train is called V150 and can reached 357.2 mph, compared to 186.4 mph of a normal French train. It beat the record of 320.2 mph set in 1990 by another French train on Tuesday. It has two engines on either side of the three double-decker cars. The demonstration took place 125 miles east of the capital on a new track linking Paris with Strasbourg. The feeling on the V150 is similar to an airplane takeoff.

The reporter did a good job explaining how this is relevant to readers and why this was important. ""The goal was more than ‚Äúsimply breaking a record,‚Ä? Cuccaroni said, adding that data from the test should help improve the security and comfort of passengers. " The reporter compared it to other trains that the French use, which can help the reader put the speed of the train into perspective, if they have ridden on a French train before.

The Australian also picked up this story. The reporter described what happened at certain speeds: "From about 380km/h, vibrations in the train became more and more noticeable.
At 490km/h passengers started to get slightly dizzy.
At 540km/h it became difficult to remain standing up despite the stability of the train.
At 570km/h, the driver - filmed on camera - wore a very big smile. "
This helps a reader understand what happens when certain speeds are reached and they can put it into perspective better.

The reporter from the Australian did a better job, I think, because he put the speeds the train reached into descriptive actions. The reporter from AP compared the speeds to other French trains. It is hard for a reader who has never been on a French train to understand how fast the train went.