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Johnson Will Take the Leap

The Pioneer Press reported on the decision of Gopher Men's hockey star Eric Johnson to move up to the NHL and sign a contract with the St. Louis Blues. Johnson, a freshman at the U of MN, was picked first last June. "I mulled it over after I said no the first time," Johnson said Thursday. "I was kind of going back and forth, then decided this would be best. I wouldn't have said yes if it wasn't right for me."

The reporter got quotes from Johnson and coach Don Lucia. Those quotes are able to show the reader what Johnson is thinking, since the Gophers have had history with players leaving early to pursue dreams in the NHL. "Lucia, whose team lost star forward Phil Kessel after just one season a year ago and also lost sophomore Kris Chucko and juniors Ryan Potulny and Danny Irmen to pro signings, has become accustomed to early departures, and the coach recruits with that in mind."
The quotes from Lucia are representative of how the Gopher hockey team is feeling. Lucia's quotes show the support from Lucia, but also give a small undertone of frustration. "It's good news for him, bad news for us," Gophers coach Don Lucia said. "

The Star Tribune shows Johnson as more confident in his decision. "I'm confident in my decision," said Johnson, a Bloomington native. "I knew either way I would be in a good situation, but I'm looking forward to a new challenge.""
The reporter also discloses the details of Johnson's contract, something the Pioneer Press did not do. The reporter also showed the support coming from Lucia. "St. Louis feels he is ready," Gophers coach Don Lucia said. "He's a big part of their future, and I'm sure they wanted to get him in there and start working with him. I can understand that." This quote and others in the story also show a small undertone of disappointment in losing another talented player to the NHL.

I think between the two stories, the Pioneer Press did a better job of disguising the frustration of Lucia. It is visible in quotes, but isn't put out there point blank. Both stories did a good job of not painting Johnson as a bad person for making this desicion and overall both were presented well. Some of the readers may feel angry at the decision Johnson made, but the reporters cannot trash a 19-year-old kid for trying to reach his dream. Both stories did a good job on this subject and one was not better than the other.