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What might be the final game of the season

The Star Tribune reported on what the Minnesota Wild need to do in order to win their game against the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks lead the series 3-0 and could eliminate the Wild. The Wild need to step up their power play because they are 1-for-15 in the playoffs. They also need to figure out how to skate through the neutral zone and into the offensive end to get the puck deep. The top scorers on the Wild need to score. They have combined for 2 goals, and 1 assist. The go-to guys are going to have to battle through many things in order to get to the net. The Ducks have four soild defensemen so that will be a task. "Parrish said: "We don't care where the goals come from. It's the wins. There is only one stat that counts in the playoffs and that's wins."
And right now, the Wild has zero."

The reporter used alot of metaphors that are typical in sports reporting. "Trying to skate through the Anaheim Ducks is as maddening as trying to change lanes on the 405 late on a Friday afternoon." The reporter also got comments from Wild players and coach Lemaire on how each of those things can happen. This is interesting to read because it connects the reader with the team and gives insight into their strategy. Alot of the terminology would be confusing for any reader that is unfamiliar with the game of hockey; like "neutral zone" or "offensive zone." This story would not make sense if the reader doesn't know a little bit about hockey.

The Pioneer Press also covered this upcoming game. More sports adjectives are used. "Gaye Stewart shares NHL history with J.P. Parise as emotional touchstones for a generation of teams facing imminent doom and grasping for means to scale the Everest of playoff deficits." This article focuses more on how only two other teams have come from behind 3-0 to win a series.

Both newspapers took different approaches to what could be the final game for hte Wild in the 2006-2007 season. The Star Tribune took the direction in what the Wild could do to improve their game and squeak out a win. The Pioneer Press took the direction of comparing the WIld to the only two teams who have come from behind to win the series. This direction is over-used and any team that is down in a series is comaperd to these two teams. I liked the Star Tribune article because it was more optimistic and gave strategy on how the Wild could win. The Pioneer Press had a depressing feel to it since it pointed out only two other teams have gone on in the playoffs when they were in the same position as the Wild are.