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Yeltsin Buried

The Reuters Canada website published a story about the burial of the first president of indepedent Russia. During his burial a few bars of the Soviet anthem were played, an ironic detail because Yeltsin destroyed seven decades of Soviet rule. Funeral attendees included former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Polish Solidarity leader Lech Walesa.

The reporter described much of the emotion that happened: "Boris Yeltsin's sobbing widow stooped over his open coffin to kiss his face." This emotion showed the importance of the event. The reporter decribed Yeltsin as "A bear-like man who had an easy rapport with ordinary people," but in the next paragraph says "in office he disappointed." This shows a great deal of bias towards a world leader. Laterin the story, the reporter quotes Putin, Yeltsins successor, " Putin said Yeltsin had "earnestly tried to make the life of millions of Russians better ... Personalities like that do not go away. They live on in peoples' ideas and ambitions." This balances out the negative sentances in the beginning of the story.

The Boston Globe used an AP story on their website. One major difference is the addtion of a picture of a man holding a poster of Yeltsin reading "The poster reads: President must always be victorious." This caption gives off a positive vibe that an average man cherishes his former president. The reporter also said of the funeral "It was a quiet finale for one of the most dynamic figures of Russia's recent history." The reporter also gave more of the history of Yeltsin's rule in Russia.

The Boston Globe did a better job with this story because they were respectful of his death. The reporter of Reuters used negative words in his/her story and when covering the death of a world figure, the reporter needs to stay unbiased. Even though the AP wasn't completely unbiased, the reporter did stay respectful.