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The future of the idustry is rapidly changing due to technology. One example are blogs. Blogs are becoming a very popular way for people to get their opinions out in the open and availble for many people to read. Blogs can be written by anyone from an expert on a subject to a 13 year-old in his/her basement. This can confuse readers because they may think that what is being written on the blogs is real or true. The reader does not know who the writer is besides the name that is written on it. Most times, it is just the writer's opinions. Some blogs are legitimate and are written by credible sources.
Many reporters are going to have to deal with a change of technology. Many past reporters had to get used to using computers or the internet, something our generation has known to do before middle school. Our generation will eventually have to learn about newer types of technolgy that younger generations would prefer. For example, my generation likes to read things on the internet rather than on a hard copy. We do not know what the preference of younger generations will be, but we will have to adapt in order to cater in a way to them.
I also feel like the news will be very tailored to what the reader wants. If the reader only wants business and world politics, then eventually there will be a way for that reader to only get those two subjects. This will cause alot more solild niche audiences.
The mission of journalism, I think, will stay the same. It will continue to be to deliver important news objectivly. The means in which the news is determined, gathered, and delivered will change but the basic mission ot the industry will stay the same.