April 9, 2007

global warming

Global warming is becoming a more popular topic. What is being done to slow it down? What will Minnesota look like if it continues at the current rate? How do students react/feel towards global warming? A story about what is happening and the future trends associated with global warming.

Brad Moore, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner- 612-296-6300
Senator Amy Klobuchar-612-727-5220 (fort snelling office)
Sangwon Suh, an assistant professor in the University of Minnesota's bioproducts and biosystems engineering department, 612-624-5307

March 30, 2007

Hillel events

The Hillel is hosting many Jewish events because of the upcoming Passover. It might be interesting to highlight what Passover is and how the events Hillel puts on for Jewish people help those who are far away from home.

Rabbi Sharon Stiefel-612-379-4026
Sarah Routman, Executive Director of Hillel at the University of Minnesota-612-379-4026
Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker, Mount Zion Temple, (651) 698-3881

March 23, 2007

smoking bill

The Freedom To Breathe act didn't pass in the Minnesota legislation on Wednesday, so is it going to be brought up again? The author of the bill could give insights into the next step for the bill and if it will be changed or not before being brought up again. Supporters and opponents could give their reaction to the bill not being passed and if they will continue to fight for or against the bill.

Kerri Gordon, spokeswoman for ClearWay Minnesota- 952-767-1403
Jim Farrell, executive director of MLBA-651-772-0919
Yvonne Prettner Solon-author of the bill-651-296-4188

March 9, 2007

spring break

During spring break, many people dont leave the twin cities for various reasons. An advance featuring some of the more interesting things going on around twin cities would be be helpful for some of the people not going anywhere for the next month. The things highlighted would be in Minneapolis and St Paul and easy to get to.

Walker Art Center-612.375.7600
Science Museum-(651) 221-9444
First Ave-612-332-1775

March 3, 2007

The Pope and the Witch

A follow-up piece pertaining to people's reactions and critic's thoughts on the play. It would be on people's reactions to actually seeing the play. Quoestions could be asked how some of the Catholic community feel about the U not cancelling the play. A reaction of people who attended the talkback about the play could also be included.

American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property- (847) 692-2585
Program Director- Judy Bartl- 612-625-0894
Professor John Mowitt (host of the talkback about the play)-612-624-8099