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Studies are now showing that antidepressants are rated as low risks for birth defects.

The federal centers for Disease Control and Boston University is showing that although birth defects could be caused when pregnant women use antidepressants, they may not be in greater risk than those who are not using antidepressants.

The study has been focused on drugs that are used for depression and anxiety. Paxil is one of the brands that were studied. The drug warns that taking the drug may cause birth defects.

Although Paxil did have some possible connections with defects that are rare, officials are saying that using antidepressants may or may not increase the possibility of defects.

Still, women should be speaking to their doctors about the possible risks before pregnancy.

The story was covered in both the New York Times and LA Times.

The New York Times article focused the point that not enough cases were investigated to have solid information that can support the research regarding low risks in pregnancy due to antidepressant usage. The article included more health defects and conditions that could arise with usage of the medication.

The LA Times wrote more in favor of antidepressant usage in pregnant women and even stated that being able to the medication may benefit children from decreasing lack of care and depression in homes.

The New York Times included more information about the research and the lack of investigation about antidepressant effects on birth defects compared to the positive message from the LA Times about the low risk of defects caused by antidepressants.