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Nine firefighters died on duty - June 19th, 2007

A New York Times article reported on the deadly fire that killed nine fire fighters on June 19th. According to the article, it was one of the deadliest fires they have seen in Charleston.

The article can be found at the following web address:

On June 19th, nine firefighters died on duty. A fire blazed in a furniture store in Charleston, S.C., and took to lives of the firefighters when a section of the store collapsed. The reason of the fire is still under investigation but arson is not suspected. The firefighters had at that point rescued people who were trapped inside the building. Across the country, 47 firefighters have died on duty this year. The Charleston fire chief said that he lost nine of his best firefighters in this fire.

More information about statistics about firefighters and fires across the country can be found at:

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