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Ovarian cancer could be detected early.

Like most types of illnesses, ovarian cancer is hard to detect and symptoms go unnoticed by women until it’s too late. Yesterday, cancer experts released a list of symptoms that could possibly help early detection of ovarian cancer.

The story about ovarian cancer and the list of symptoms can be found at:

Ovarian cancer is called a ‘silent killer’ because it is difficult to detect early. It is estimated by the Mayo Clinic that about 20,000 women will develop ovarian cancer this year and 15,000 may result in death. Health experts are hoping that the list of possible symptoms will help early detection of the disease, which could improve the chance of survival for patients.

Mayo Clinic's webpage has more information about ovarian cancer:

Although the American Cancer Society and other health groups released the list of ovarian cancer symptoms, the cancer society’s director of breast and gynecologic cancer believes that the list of symptoms may be more harmful than beneficial in the long run.

Women who recognize the possible symptoms of ovarian cancer could be experiencing other health complications such as irritable bowel syndrome and not ovarian cancer. Suspecting ovarian cancer could lead to tests, biopsies, and other medical procedures that may not be necessary and sometimes dangerous to patients.

National Cancer Institute’s website has more information about ovarian cancer. It is important for women to speak to their healthcare provider if they are concerned about their health to protect themselves from illnesses.

National Cancer Institute's website shows statistics and other information about the illness:

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