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July 25, 2007

Social links may spread obesity.

A study found, after 32 years of close observation of more than 12,000 people, people may be more likely to become obese when their friends are obese.

The New York Times had very detailed information about the sociological information about the obesity epidemic in America and the social influences of close friends or mutual friends of those who are overweight.

The LA Times had more numbers and statistics about the study compared to the explanation of how the study was conducted or what the results meant.

Harry Potter Spoilers

Compared to all other articles that I’ve read by both the New York Times and the LA Times, I think this may be the only occasion where the LA Times has an article that is longer than the NY Times.

As the opening sales of the last Harry Potter book of the seven book series is approaching, there are rumors of the possible endings and self-proclaiming spoilers for the book.

It turns out, 20 books were shipped a few days early from an online shopping company.

The NY Times focuses mainly on the issue of early shipments and other actions that J.K. Rowling’s publishers are taking.

The LA Times focuses more on Rowling’s comments and elaborates on the issue of early shipment.

Explosion in NY

One person died and more than 30 others were injured in a steam pipe explosion near the Grand Central Terminal in New York.

The New York Times presents the news to concentrate on the explosion, explains the scene of the event and how people reacted to the shock. Many were afraid that the event might have been terror related. Explosions of pipes have occurred previously. The worry about this event is that the when the pipes were laid in the 20’s, asbestos may have been used.

The LA Times article about the same event is much shorter, delivers less detailed information about the scene, and focuses more on the people’s perspectives on the possibility of terrorism compared to the asbestos contamination issues.

July 12, 2007

Cancer report about Asian-Americans

The New York Times reported that the American Cancer Society released a report that show distinct patterns of cancer occurrences in Asian-Americans. They have found that some cultures of the Asian population in the U.S., Specifically California, are more likely to develop cancer when they are more integrated into the American lifestyle. It was also reported that some populations are more likely to develop certain types of cancer more than other groups due to their dietary habits and beliefs about the health examinations.

I was unable to find an article in the LA Times.

Prostitution Services in Burnsville

An Eagan teen is suspected of running a prostitute service and is under investigation by the federal authorities.

Justine Alex Reisdorf was charged last month for recruiting minors for prostitution after the teenage girls told investigators about Reisdorf’s operations.

Reisdorf posted the prostitution services on craigslist.org and when became a target of investigation, moved her services to telephone chat line ‘Lava Links’.

According to officials, Reisdorf used code words such as roses instead of dollars, and operated the prostitution services at a Burnsville motel where she worked.

The article about Reisdorf was found on the StarTribune website. I searched for another article relating to this event but non were found.

July 5, 2007

Fatal Crash in Princeton

Both the StarTribune and the Pioneer Press cover the story of an accident involving a semi-truck on Highway 95 in Princeton that kills four and injures another.

The StarTribune focuses greatly on how the family and friends are saying farewell to their friends. They wrote about how there are those who visit the site of the accident as their last goodbye before leaving for the war, etc. The article also talks about how accidents involving teenage drivers seem to be rising and what people are saying about it. The details of the accident are still under investigation, however the article by the StarTribune gives detailed information about what the officials are saying. The article ends by talking about how fatal crashes involving teenagers affect others.

The Pioneer Press focuses on the individual stories of the victims of the crash. They give little to no detail about the accident in one article while giving short and brief details about the accident in others. It would have been nice to see a mix of both so that readers don’t need to click around to see all sides of the story.

Tuberculosis Scare

An Atlanta lawyer caused scares internationally due to his tuberculosis condition. Andrew Speaker, learned of the severity of his illness when he was on his honeymoon in Europe. U.S. Health officials’ advised Speaker to receive medical treatment in Greece. Speaker disregarded the officials and flew to Canada and drove to the U.S. border. Speaker then convinced the border guards to let him cross the border, even though the Department of Homeland Security was asked by the CDC to bar him from entering the U.S. When Speaker re-entered, he voluntarily checked into a hospital for treatment. After laboratory tests returned, Speaker’s condition was downgraded from the original diagnosis.

This story was covered in both the New York Times and the LA Times.

The New York Times wrote the article based on what events occurred and focused on the facts that the CDC’s tests gave false results.

The LA Times wrote the article based on the fact that Speaker disregarded public safety measures and now could have infected others while flying back to the U.S.