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Fatal Crash in Princeton

Both the StarTribune and the Pioneer Press cover the story of an accident involving a semi-truck on Highway 95 in Princeton that kills four and injures another.

The StarTribune focuses greatly on how the family and friends are saying farewell to their friends. They wrote about how there are those who visit the site of the accident as their last goodbye before leaving for the war, etc. The article also talks about how accidents involving teenage drivers seem to be rising and what people are saying about it. The details of the accident are still under investigation, however the article by the StarTribune gives detailed information about what the officials are saying. The article ends by talking about how fatal crashes involving teenagers affect others.

The Pioneer Press focuses on the individual stories of the victims of the crash. They give little to no detail about the accident in one article while giving short and brief details about the accident in others. It would have been nice to see a mix of both so that readers don’t need to click around to see all sides of the story.