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International, national, and local coverage. The I-35W bridge collapsed and it news coverage hasn’t stopped since Wednesday around 6 p.m.

I’ve followed Fox 9, KSTP, KARE 11, WCCO, CNN, StarTribune, Pioneer Press, LA Times, and New York Times.

The collapse and updates of the rescue and recovery missions are the headlines.

When the event first occurred, KSTP was one of the first stations to offer video footage and an online image. StarTribune had a paragraph that said the bridge has collapsed and more updates are to follow. The Pioneer Press had a few sentences.

Around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Fox 9 focused much of its video footage on the night coverage of the bridge wreck.

KSTP, KARE 11, and WCCO spoke to a lot of different people and interviewed people who were watching, involved, or avoided the event.

CNN, national news seemed to be blind-sighted for a good majority of the time as it didn’t have any footage for the first 25 minutes and then requested those who live near the area, saw the event, or were involved to call in.

StarTribune and Pioneer Press has been updating multiple stories relating to the event and numbers of injuries, death, and missing have been different several times a day.

Every channel, every website is offering different information but focused on the bridge structure and its investigation, rescue and recovery missions and dangers, people who have been helping, medical emergencies, government response, public officials information release, and people who are involved.

The following links are to some articles, footages, and images.

Pioneer Press


New York Times

LA Times





Overall, I believe there’s a lot of witness stories as well as details about those who are still missing their loved ones. A news station stated that they spoke to some families who have a family member injured or missing and that they have decided not to ask them to speak on camera to respect their need in a time of tragedy.

This is an example of local news reporting being more in-depth and richer with detail compared to national news reporting.