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Mystery Death in Toddler

Calla Christopherson was adopted from China to a family in Edina when she was only a year old.

During a procedure to open a clogged tear duct on Aug. 22, 2006, Calla died. Her breating became difficult and her oxygen levels started falling. A doctor injected muscle relxant in the girl but her heart started failing.

The reason for her death is still a mystery but the state investigation did fault the Fairview Southdale Hospital stating that they did not keep Calla’s vial signs on record well enough. Calla’s mother also said that the reports she received had some gaps and investigation shows that there are some differences from report to report.

The nurse who was recording the information stated that she was in distress while the child was dying and was unable to record the info.

The story was reported by the Pioneer Press which included an interview with the nurse who was in the surgery, Calla’s mother, and Fairview’s vice president for patient safety.

This was an interesting story because the case has no specific reason of death and has created a position in surgical procedures to have a designated person to always record vital signs.

The StarTribune search did not show any results about the same story.