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January 18, 2007

Community Involvement

Why did I choose the "Community Learning" section of composition?

From my past experiences with english classes and required work, the one thing that I have found out is that I am a horrible writer. However, I can be a fairly decent writer if I write about something that I really care about and am passionate about. Volunteering in the community and helping out people are one of these things. I really do enjoy helping out in the community and feel I gain a lot out of what I do when I help out other people.

This brings up the question about "service" and how I define it. I have heard from many sources that service is something that you can do to give back to the community and not expect anything back in return. These things that you do for the community involves your own personal strengths. For example, if you are an exceptional singer, singing for the community is something you can do that can be defined as a service. I also believe that even if you do something for the community that isn't a strength of yours, it is still considered a service. As most people say "Its the thought that counts". But if you do have a strength, I figure it is your duty to give it back to the community. Ultimately, I believe that if you do anything at all for the community, whether if it involves your strengths or not, and not expecting anything in return, it is considered a "service".