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The Orientation Meeting for the Children's Hospital!

As I'm sure many of the other people who attended yesterday's orientation meeting for the Children's Hospital will comment on their day, here is what I experienced:

My last class of the day went longer than I wanted it to (we had a midterm) and I had to run out really quickly to drop my things off at the dorm and get to the bus stop in time. When I got there, I had a little less than an hour to get to the hospital, and the bus was no where to be seen. So i decided to walk part of the way. I got well past half the way before the number 2 bus reached me.

So I got on the bus and rode the rest of the way there. On the bus I meet up with Alex and Jackie (sorry if I butcher your names!!!) and was quite pleased to know I was on the right bus going in the right direction! I have had bad instances in the past...

We got there with plenty of time to spare and got all settled in. I was rather impressed with how well they treated us there, giving us snacks and beverages. I remember the chairs were very comfortable as well. So we all sat down, and waited as other people filtered in and commenced with the orientation.

I learned quite a bit on what to do and what not to do while volunteering there. I'm so used to cuddling a child at the nusery, hugging them, playing with them, and kissing them (when they had their boo boos) and here we can't really do that. We cannot also get too attached to them. That'll be hard. But all these restrictions make sense. The chances of us seeing them every time we volunteer are very slim, so we don't want to hurt the kids in that way. Also, if we feel attached to one and we want to do something for them, like buy them a gift, then the others kids will feel left out. Being that I am so used to a regular nursery setting, this will be rather tough for me to get used to.

After we all got let out, packed up our stuff, handed in the forms we signed, we all went outside into the cold. Apparently those who ran out to the bus stop were able to see the number 2 bus leave. So we all had to stand outside in the cold until the next bus came by, which was about 30 minutes later. I started to feel my legs being pricked by the cold, and soon wasn't able to feel them at all! I don't think I was more happy to see a public bus as I was that night!

I appologize to all of my classmates who are reading this and have heard the story 10 times already from other people's blogs! I'm sure it gets a bit repetative and annoying after a while! eck...