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April 23, 2007


It appears that I might actually have a place to volunteer at! woot! Its certainly been long enough, and a heck of a lot of stress was involved as well! I sent in the application and called the people, so now basically I wait and hope to God that I get a volunteering position there!

The place I will be at is called the Minneapolis Homeless Shelter, or better known as PSP. It looks like a really cool place! They have a lot of positions there for volunteers. They need volunteers in food delivery, tutoring, children's activity assistant, and the list goes on! So the chances of there being an open position for volunteers looks good! I'm excited that things are finally being put into place!

One thing that is keeping me concerned is that if I do not get all the hours needed for this class its going to affect my grade, or I'll get an incomplete or something. I hope that doesn't happen. I talked to Mr. Pierson about it, and he said I shouldn't get an incomplete, but I'm still a bit worried about my grade. I hope it doesn't affect it, because I've been working hard in this class. I've never been good at writing and compositions, even though I do try really hard to write my best. And since I'm in college and all, I want to do well!

Speaking of compositions! I finished my last composition about anti-matter powered engines and quite happy its done! It was so hard and quite tedious trying to find good evidence! I found it a bit hard to believe that something from National Geographic wasn't credible enough for the essay. I also had to look at this one document in microfiche form, and I got so motion sick looking at the screen. ugh... oh well! Its done and over with! Now we are doing our next essay that I'm having a bit more fun writing about!

In our next essay we are supposed to reflect on our experiences in our volunteering jobs. However, since I haven't been able to volunteer at all this semester, I used previous volunteering experiences that I had in the past. I decided to write about the children I watched at the nursery of my church and how impressionable their minds are! I talked about how they can learn so much in the first few years without any prior knowledge of the world, but in the same way be gullible. I watched many children grow up and learn how to walk, speak, and recognize things around them only within a span of about 2 years! And of course, I would use the fact that they were rather naive to my advantage. In one instance, the other nursery attendants and I convinced this little girl that a giraffe said "GIRAFFE!" and a peacock said "PEACOCK!". We had a lot of fun with that, as evil as we were!

But yeah, I really enjoyed myself when writing this essay. I hope others will enjoy reading it as well!

Well, I'm off! Gotta study for my physics test! Eck! Wish me luck!

April 3, 2007

buzzed and really fatigued

It has been a crazy week for me. A heck of a lot of personal problems dealing with my boyfriend and this other guy and ugh... a lot of stress. I wont bother whoever reads this with all the drama that went on. I know from living in the dorms that it can get rather annoying hearing about all the relationship problems that are going on. All I'll say is basically it was really stressful!

This weekend, I decided to take a slight break. Just, not do anything until Sunday, just relax and enjoy life. I also chose to relax more this weekend because my boyfriend was visiting me and I didn't want to be working around him ('tis rude!). But geez, did I choose the wrong weekend to take off. I knew that I would have a lot of things to do by Sunday, I just underestimated on the time! I thought I would surely be able to finish all my work within one night. Well, it turns out that it took all night and all morning as well as part of the afternoon today. Right now I'm going on about 31 hours of no sleep. Whats worse is that I had 5 classes to go to today and one of them had a big test in it, so I basically didn't have any time to even rest my eyes! I did sort of dozed off in my calculus class (which I felt bad for). But it was rather funny, I was falling asleep while I was writing my notes! I kept on messing them up! I'm sure I was a funny sight to see! Nonetheless, I'm happy with myself that I got all that I needed to get done finished and handed in on time.

To try to keep myself awake, I've had 2 cups of coffee and a bottle of diet coke. Now, I'm a little person, and all this caffeine is finally getting to me. Now I'm afraid I wont be able to get to bed tonight! ha!

Going off on a completely different topic: I feel rather bad that I'm basically only writting about things that are happening in my life as if this is my own personal blog and not for class credit. However, my searches for a volunteering place have turned up nil. The woman who had visited us in class before is trying to help me out, which I'm grateful for. However, so far no word of anyplace that needs volunteers. So basically, all I can write about is ... just about me! oh geez... how narcissistic of me. I just hope that there will be some way that I can get all those hours that I've been missing in before the semester ends and before the craziness of finals week starts.