October 20, 2006


well i have chosen two phenomena. my first phenomena chosen is the city bus.
Things: well i think that the things would have to be the people who ride the bus.
Frameworks:there are a fixed number of stops for each bus, and a fixed timeframe that the bus runs.
Clockworks: The clock works is the timeliness of the buss. the buses come to a stop at a steady rotation, and the time the bus usually comes to a stop is evenly distributed bepending on the bus.

The next thing that i decided to say is a phenomena is the computer lab.
Things: i think it would be the people.
Frameworks There are only a fixed number of computers:
Clockworks:There is a steady flow of people, and a certain amount of time in which a person could be on the computer.

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promt #3

well the place i chose to reflect in this blog is the apartment building i live in. the building it self has a feeling of apartness in a way. The building is full of people, but at the same time no one engages with eachother. The buildings look is plain, and the inside of the building is no different. It has a unusual uncomfortable feeling in it.

September 29, 2006

i am da truth

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Social Design Issue!!!

Well my social desing issue that i think there is is the number of homeless in minneapolis. i see many homeless everyday. mostly by sharing and caring hands. i see many camping out across the street. and i feel that we need to build some kind of shelter for them. especially in the winter. but just a place that provides comfort and warmth. it doesn't have to be ellaborate or big as long as it gets the job done.