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Scientists discover 18 new planets

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by Sarah Harper

Caltech scientists have uncovered 18 Jupiter-sized planets in distant solar systems, they wrote in a scientific journal Saturday.

The 18 new planets are orbiting around stars larger than the sun, reported KTLA News.

KESQ Pasadena reported that the scientists used the twin telescopes at the Keck Observatory on the Big Island of Hawaii.

According to KESQ, this discovery is the first such observation to be made from Earth.

Caltech announced that the discovery was published in the December issue of The Astrophysical Journal Supplement, according to KTLA.

Drug study on Hennepin County Jail's male inmates released

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by Sarah Harper

Nearly 70 percent of men booked into the Hennepin County Jail tested positive for illegal drug use prior to arrest, according to a new federal study released Tuesday.

The Minnesota Daily reported that there was an increase in prescription drug abuse. The study was conducted on behalf of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The biggest shift in drug use occurred for men ages 21 and younger, with an increase in Oxycodone use, according to CBS Minnesota.

For men of all ages, multiple illegal drugs were found in 18.6 percent of inmate men, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The Minnesota Daily reported that marijuana was the most commonly detected drug at 53.1 percent.

Police stop Occupy D.C. construction

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by Sarah Harper

Police have arrested several Occupy D.C. protesters who had started building what appeared to be a small barn in a park two blocks from the White House Sunday.

Police told protesters that they needed a permit and that they had an hour to disassemble it, according to USA Today.

This resulted in an hourslong standoff between police and protesters, during which about two dozen protesters were arrested, reported USA Today.

The New York Times wrote that the police brought in a cherry picker to get the protesters off the roof and an air mattress so they could land safely.

Protesters chanted, "We are stronger than your trucks and your horses and your riot gear and your orders," according to the New York Times.

World War II bomb defused in German city

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by Sarah Harper

Around 45,000 people evacuated their homes so that bomb disposal experts could defuse two World War II bombs in Koblenz, Germany Sunday.

The bombs, originally dropped by U.S. forces, were found in the Rhine River when water levels fell because of a prolonged dry spell, according to BBC News. Germany is full of unexploded British and American bombs.

According to Reuters, the bigger of the two bombs weighed in at 1.8 tons, making it one of the biggest ever found.

Homes, hospitals and a prison in a one mile area around the bomb were evacuated, reported Reuters.

The area had to be dry before the experts could begin working. After the water was pumped out of the river, the operation took three hours, according to the BBC.

by Sarah Harper

Someone stole over $1,000 worth of gifts from a non-profit organization in Golden Valley early Thursday, but people donated enough gifts to cover the loss by Thursday afternoon.

KARE-11 reported the story of the theft on Thursday.

Someone smashed a window at The Family Partnership in Golden Valley and stole over $1,000 worth of gifts meant for families in north Minneapolis, reported KARE-11.

The Star Tribune reported that the Family Partnership put a list of stolen items on its website. The loss was covered and seven additional families had holiday gifts.

Golden Valley police are still investigating the theft, reported the Star Tribune.

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