Cats Really Do Always Land on Their Feet

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A Boston cat named Sugar fell 19 stories last Wednesday and walked right back to her building.

Owner Brittany Kirk, 32, told the Associated Press that Sugar used up "one or two or maybe eight" of her nine lives.

Sugar survived by splaying her limbs out like a flying squirrel.

"Instead of, you know, being scared and just running out into traffic, she somehow hit the best spot and stayed near the building," Mike Brammer, an assistant manager at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, told MSNBC. "So it was very fortuitous on many different levels."

"I was definitely relieved and kind of in disbelief," Kirk told MSNBC, "if there were a cat to fall 19 stories and to be fine, I think it would definitely be Sugar, because she's a pretty special cat."

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