Election Results: Graduate Student Workers Vote Against Union--Again

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University of Minnesota graduate student workers voted against forming a union under the Graduate Student Workers United/United Auto Workers Union for the fourth time since 1990, the Star Tribune reported.

The Bureau of Mediation Services released the results Monday, which showed 62 percent voted no, according to the Minnesota Daily.

"We were pretty confident going into the election and during the election that we'd come out on top," GSWU/UAW spokesman Scott Thaller told the Minnesota Daily. The turnout for the election was comparatively speaking a good one, with 68 percent of the graduate student workers voting.

"I hope that the people who are unhappy and perhaps feel that they are being taken advantage of can figure out a way to change internal policies of their department or graduate program," associate professor of microbiology Jeffrey Gralnick told the Star Tribune, "rather than try to change the entire graduate student body."

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