Gee Willikers, Batman!

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Holy helpful, Batman, what are you doing in Brazil?

He's not really Batman, though the kids believe he is. Retired police officer Andre Luiz Pinheiro, 50, dressed up in a full Batman costume to teach schoolchildren about the dangers of drug trafficking in Taubate, Brazil, The Telegraph reported.

"I will not actually battle crime," Pinheiro told BBC News. "But I do think I am fighting crime in a preventive way, by helping these children to avoid becoming criminals. This is my job, this is my battle."

The Taubate police applaud his effort. "Police act in favor of good and the state works in favor of good through the police," The Telegraph reported police captain Warley Takeo said, "and since Batman is also a character who works in favor of good, we decided to join efforts to prevent children from becoming criminals."

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