Gophers Basketball Lost the National Invitational Tournament Championship

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The Gophers men's basketball team lacked energy in the second half of the NIT championship game and lost to Stanford 75-51 at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night, the Minnesota Daily reported.

"Those guys, they just had it going out there tonight," Rodney Williams, Minnesota forward, told the Minnesota Daily. "We definitely had some lapses on defense but we were right there in their face and they made some tough shots."

This loss ended the Gophers' 23-15 season. They were the sixth seed for the NIT, and they came into the championship winning six of their last seven games, according to The New York Times.

The Gophers won't let this loss get them down, though.

"We would be foolish just to go into next season thinking about this one game," Andre Hollins, freshman point guard, told the Minnesota Daily. "We have come along as a team throughout this year ... I think this tournament helped us a lot."

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