Transatlantic message in a bottle travelled from Connecticut to England

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When Jerry Pope launched his message in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean near Niantic, Conn. in October 2010, he did not think that anyone would actually find it, NBC Connecticut reported.

Last Saturday, however, Pope received a postcard from seven people of the Isles of Scilly in the United Kingdon, Huffington Post reported.

"When I received my postcard back, it jarred my memory because I forgot I did it," Pope told NBC Connecticut, "and I said isn't that something."

Pope has sent the people of the Isles of Scilly a message back, but has not heard back yet. He said he wants to try another bottle and see where that one goes.

"One day I'm going to do it either this summer or in the fall again, and just see," Pope told NBC Connecticut. "I'm going to mark bottle number two and just see if it gets there again."

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