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Minneapolis lake monster is social media savvy

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The lake monster, named Minne, that resembles the Loch Ness Monster is a social media guru, the Huffington Post reported.

Cameron Gainer created Minne three years ago, and in the past year partnered with the Minneapolis Parks Foundation to boost park attendance, CBS Minnesota reported.

Minne's location is always a mystery, but she tweets and Facebooks clues for her followers to find her.

"There is nothing better than walking around the lake and for the first time spotting Minne," Mary DeLaittre of the Minneapolis Parks Foundation said. "And it's not just once, they keep coming back and coming back and weaving stories around Minne."

Minne will start lake-hopping again this May.

When Jerry Pope launched his message in a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean near Niantic, Conn. in October 2010, he did not think that anyone would actually find it, NBC Connecticut reported.

Last Saturday, however, Pope received a postcard from seven people of the Isles of Scilly in the United Kingdon, Huffington Post reported.

"When I received my postcard back, it jarred my memory because I forgot I did it," Pope told NBC Connecticut, "and I said isn't that something."

Pope has sent the people of the Isles of Scilly a message back, but has not heard back yet. He said he wants to try another bottle and see where that one goes.

"One day I'm going to do it either this summer or in the fall again, and just see," Pope told NBC Connecticut. "I'm going to mark bottle number two and just see if it gets there again."

Cats Really Do Always Land on Their Feet

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A Boston cat named Sugar fell 19 stories last Wednesday and walked right back to her building.

Owner Brittany Kirk, 32, told the Associated Press that Sugar used up "one or two or maybe eight" of her nine lives.

Sugar survived by splaying her limbs out like a flying squirrel.

"Instead of, you know, being scared and just running out into traffic, she somehow hit the best spot and stayed near the building," Mike Brammer, an assistant manager at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, told MSNBC. "So it was very fortuitous on many different levels."

"I was definitely relieved and kind of in disbelief," Kirk told MSNBC, "if there were a cat to fall 19 stories and to be fine, I think it would definitely be Sugar, because she's a pretty special cat."

Gee Willikers, Batman!

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Holy helpful, Batman, what are you doing in Brazil?

He's not really Batman, though the kids believe he is. Retired police officer Andre Luiz Pinheiro, 50, dressed up in a full Batman costume to teach schoolchildren about the dangers of drug trafficking in Taubate, Brazil, The Telegraph reported.

"I will not actually battle crime," Pinheiro told BBC News. "But I do think I am fighting crime in a preventive way, by helping these children to avoid becoming criminals. This is my job, this is my battle."

The Taubate police applaud his effort. "Police act in favor of good and the state works in favor of good through the police," The Telegraph reported police captain Warley Takeo said, "and since Batman is also a character who works in favor of good, we decided to join efforts to prevent children from becoming criminals."

While shootings and riots erupted at other cities' festivities, the St. Paul St. Patrick's Day parade was more of a family affair that was violence-free in the unusually warm weather.

The St. Patrick's Association hosted the event that started at noon where thousands packed the streets and vuvuzela horns filled the air along Fifth Street between Seventh and Washington, the Pioneer Press reported.

The 2012 Miss Shamrock Alissa Kurke followed the grand marshals in the parade. "From my grandfather who was once suspended from De La Salle high school for dying his hair green on St. Patrick's Day, to my parents who would enthusiastically drink green beer any day of the week if we would let them, I was born to celebrate this holiday," Kurke said in her bio on the St. Patrick's Association website.

There were also two hockey games in St. Paul in addition to the parade, but free shuttle rides from local restaurants and Metro Transit reduced congestion and provided safe transportation for those who had a little too much green beer, Fox 9 reported.

The large crowd also produced more trash than in previous years, which workers were still cleaning up Sunday morning, according to KSTP.

But the cleanup was worth it, as the large crowd was a boost for local businesses that benefitted from the extra green.

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