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Final Project Ideas for Pedro

So Pedro was a character (based on a true story...) in one of our recent case studies. He seemed excited about the ID project at hand, but jumped right in thinking about certain aspects of the project that posed the greatest challenges without seeming to respect a more rigid approach to the design. Jennie, the project manager, required first steps first and saw those challenges as things that could be tackled later or handled in a different way than Pedro wanted to try. Pedro seemed excited about the final results and whether the product would have similar success to the original (a face-to-face workshop that they were to put online somehow).

Asked in class, many (most?) of us identified with Pedro, basically admitting that we would think about some of the major challenges without holding ourselves to a more structured step-by-step approach to managing the project.

Where does this come in lately? Our current assignment is to come in to class with (an) idea(s) for our final projects. I was drawing a complete blank as I walked out of class. Then I made a mistake. I told my boss about this assignment. (I work in a department of the U dedicated in part to producing and disseminating educational materials.) I was immediately presented with several ideas that would fit at work as well as potentially work as a final project. Besides the implication that a LOT more potential work is now on the table at work (even if not used as a final project, but that should be fun !), I'm really feeling like my take on Pedro. All I can seem to see are potential problems with each idea (always the alliterative parenthetical pessimist) and I have the challenge of finding the parts that WILL work, or at least possibly take a more disciplined approach to one of them and see if the rest doesn't fall into place...