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Technocrappy education

Just a quick thought this week, especially in frustration over some of the discussion in class last week and the supplementary article we read this time around:

Technology for technology's sake in ANYTHING is not necessarily a good idea. Technology can seem daunting to people and actually serve as a deterrent to "getting things done" or feeling "at ease" with the process.

That said, no generation in the last century has been limited to the technology available to the one before it, and therefore there is always a "new" thing coming down the pike that younger learners "grow up with" and older teachers (as that is usually the dichotomy) "can do without".

I can think of nothing that supports keeping technology out of education in favor of the "old ways". If nothing else, the technology plays a part of the environment that the learners need to master in order to excel in the changing world, and for this reason alone should be included in the schools. Also, technology, although not always used by all people in the same ways, offers new methods of learning to students and may well reach learners previously fallen through the cracks of the "old ways".

The article that studied test scores in correlation with mere numbers of computers in the school did absolutely NOTHING to ask HOW those computers were or weren't being used. If the technology is not being used in integration with regular instruction, then there is a good chance that it is reducing the instruction of the other subject matters, but done well, it can only enhance the learning experience. THAT was not taken into account with the questions at all.