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From stuck to meta-instruction

I was stuck in mud trying to define my own final project as an "instructional" type project, despite the declaration that all of life is ID (in class last week).

I just couldn't wrap my mind around the project in a way that would allow me to easily fit it to the types of analysis that we are expected to do in its preparation.

I find that one of my main weaknesses is that I might grasp the concepts of types of analysis, need for such, activities involved, and everything. However, when it comes to taking one concrete example from my own experience and fitting it to the model, then I have a hard time breaking it down (chunking it, if you will) to be able to describe it in the required manner.

That was my main problem up until the impromptu meeting with my boss (client) this afternoon. I finally got a chance to conduct what could be considered to be a more specific client interview to straighten out some of my perceptions of the learners, their needs, and for that matter, the objectives of this project.

The focus has shifted a bit from where I thought the project was, but now my challenge is that it has shifted to a meta-instruction project. Instead of having to eek out what could be classified as instructional aspects, my understanding of the goal now is to design an instructional tool that will help the learners get through what is essentially the instructional design process itself.

"The learner will learn to assess their learners' needs..." "The learner will assess the tools available to them in their project..." "The learner will state the intended outcomes..." " The learner will develop assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of their learners' development..."

That's essentially what MY objective statements now look like!

Now it feels like instead of struggling to figure out which of the aspects of Instructional Design are being addressed at any point, I'll be struggling to determine which layer of the whole process I'll be working on at any given time; defining my learner's needs assessment, or evaluating how well they have done their own needs assessment...

I'll basically be walking MY learners through the same process that I'm walking through myself. That is, unless I've already gotten myself lost! I have yet to see if anything has just gotten easier or not.

All of life is instructional design indeed.