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ID Model presentation, a rapid reflection

I was pretty excited about our ID model presentation last week. Kim did a lot of work getting us some material to work off of, and Esther really got us rolling with the presentation PPT. I was excited because I remember hearing about RP from day one of class, but really had no idea of what it was. I also wasn't sure that I "got" what an ID model could be. Seems to me like something that everyone does in his/her/its own way, and that to try and describe one conformative model of such a thing would be somewhat a waste of time.

Well, I guess one thing that I got out of it was that in a way, trying to describe such a thing CAN be a waste of time, but at the same time, if you can approximate what is being done by some successful people, you can help others along with what they are attempting to do.

I was worked up about RP by the time we got to present because I felt like I understood both sides of that and how the pros and cons applied in this (RP model) case. In fact, that was the segment that I had spent the most time preparing for myself.

The downside of it was that I also felt like the class' energy was sapped after the long guest lecture. The vibe that my group felt during the Lego presentation was just not to be found with RP. And even with that paper airplane example! I found that online and that really jumped out at me since it seemed like a great concise way to explain what RP was all about. That exercise was itself what started my comprehension of RP in the first place, so I have to admit I had high hopes. It did seem like people had fun with the plane-making, but after that I felt like we had lost some people's attention/interest, and since it was my contribution to do most of the talking, I felt like that was my own weakness.