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Rapid Prototyping

This entry was specifically planned to tie in with tonights upcoming presentation on Rapid Prototyping:

Attended a Communicators Forum workshop last week. One presentation in particular had to do with a whole ADDIE type approach to helping an organization map their workflow patterns to increase efficiency in communications. One relevant point made was that you should always bill for the service of writing up the proposal in the first place. This is because the evaluation work that you begin with is in itself a useful tool/document that the client can then later use with other consultants or even internally.

Then I had a contractor come out to our house and write up an estimate for some repair work we need done. He wants to charge us $200 for the time spent just writing up the proposal. My first thought was WHAT ABOUT FREE ESTIMATES???! but then the other part of me said "Oh.... yeah." Same concept.

Future prototypes of this post will need to include fleshed out thoughts on these topics