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Using a design idea of a place holder for material yet to be added, I've put in just such a thing for the subject of this post. Why? Because my mind hasn't gotten around to the outcomes part of the analysis for this posting yet. In other words, I don't know what to say.

I guess last week's presentation was interesting enough, but it DID run a little (!) long, and upon reflecting later I think there were some considerable weaknesses.

1.) Don't talk at people for over 1.5 hours to tell them that direct lecture doesn't work. (Granted that's not exactly a fair analysis of what took place, but it really seemed like it was a 'guest lecturer', and not as much a 'pick the brain of' type thing.)

2.) So I'm just a budding web designer (professionally for the last 1.5 years now), but even I could tell you that there's nothing in Dreamweaver that automatically creates a great website for you (like adding accessibility features). You might get some plugins to help do some validation for you, but you're always going to have to do your own coding and analysis in order to make things as good as possible.

3. Frames. What else can I say? Frames were THE thing back in the mid-late nineties, but I haven't even HEARD anyone talk about using framesets lately (last few years) at all. They just aren't what you want to be using, for accessibility/compatibility/ and manageability issues.

There were some interesting points made about how to go about talking up the need for instructional design/analysis, and how to make things in a relatively modular way, so that you can have an easier time of it later when you need to plug in some content, but can re-use the format to cut production time, but I have to admit, that a week later, that's about all I can recall.