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Middletown Reading

I thought this reading was very interesting and I feel like it was worth reading. I think the people who executed this study did a good job of viewing Middletown from an objective point of view. It was very insightful, and did well in showing how things have changed in America over the past 100 years or so. However, I was unable to draw any real conclusions from the article. It is hard to say whether the charity process has gotten “better? or “worse? since 1890. The answer to this question cannot be answered in black and white. Though, I was able to draw a few pieces of information that showcase how charity in America has changed. It seems to me that the charity “system? present in the U.S. today is much more mechanized. As a result of this, it has also become less personal. Face-to-face interactions of charity are much less common today. Instead, donation is often accomplished through large non-profit organizations. An efficient but arguably less adequate system has been developed.
It seems to me that people today sometimes give to charity for the wrong reasons. Instead of giving out of sympathy for the needy and out of the kindness of their hearts, they give for alternate reasons. I think that today there is a substantially greater amount of social pressure put on the average citizen to give. They feel like they should , or have to give to charity, and therefore they do. Another reason people may give to charity is for recognition from others, thereby improving their public image. Of course I’m not saying that I believe these cases are always true. However I feel like the average citizen of the United States needs to wake up and realize that there are real people out there in desperate situations. A relatively minute sacrifice on their part can do wonders for those less fortunate. They need to start giving out pure empathy.