"Police Find Fire, Chaos At Wis. Spa Where 7 Were Shot": Analysis

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In this news story, the reporter has summarized the information in the martini glass style. In the lede they have given us the who, the what, the why and the where in a concise and compact way.

The nut graf goes into a bit more detail as to why this story is important, where it took place, and what happened as a result of the action. It is followed by a money quote given out by the mayor which pulls the reader in more.

The language of the piece is not overly complicated and sounds exactly how it would if the reporter was having a conversation about it with you. This is effective because it allows the reader to receive information without realizing they are.

I do not think if this was done differently it would be as effective. The kicker at the end of the piece really ties the story up neatly while still outlining that there will be more information provided as more insight is gained.

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