Working Together Key to Progress in Minnesota's State Government

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For the first time in 20 years, Minnesota state government has become completely DFL-controlled.

In Tuesday's election results, several Republican candidates lost their election bids to Democratic candidates paving the way for Gov. Mark Dayton to pursue his agenda more easily.

"I was asked many times what would happen with a DFL governor and a DFL Legislature and I said, 'Progress,' " Gov. Mark Dayton said in the Star Tribune. "That's our responsibility now."

According to the Minnesota Daily, the new Legislature has put addressing the state's budget at the top of the list. They also have plans to review taxes, the bonding bill and University of Minnesota funding.

Many DFL legislators have also stressed the importance of working with the GOP to stabilize Minnesota's economy.

"The state is pretty much split down the middle," said former DFL legislator Roger Moe in the Star Tribune. "I think it is important for the Democrats to learn from what the Republicans did, which was that they kind of over-reached, particularly in terms of these constitutional amendments."

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