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An unidentified 6-year-old girl is in critical condition after being pulled from an uncovered Richfield pool on Sunday.

According to the Star Tribune Richfield police responded to a call around 11 a.m. Sunday to a house on 7300 block of Garfield Avenue S.

"The girl was given CPR and transported to Hennepin County Medical Center," reported the Pioneer Press.

An 8-year-old boy was also pulled from the partially filled pool. He had gone in to try and save the girl who was revealed to his cousin. He was uninjured.

Meth-ring leader sentenced to record 30 years

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The story reads like something straight out of a Law & Order episode. A major meth smuggling ring is busted and the kingpin is arrested and sent to trial. It seems like the evil-doer will get away with a slap on the wrist at sentencing, but then in a surprising twist the judge hands down a jaw-droppingly long sentence and justice ultimately prevails.

Take out Sam Waterson and a few cliche lines and you get the real story on the sentencing of meth-ring leader, Pedro 'Peli' Ayala-Leyva.

On Tuesday, a Hennepin county court judge sentenced Ayala-Leyva to 30 years in prison, a state record for drug crime in Minnesota.

"It's good to give the ringleaders and kingpins the significant prison time they deserve," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement to the Star Tribune.

In October Ayala-Leyva was found guilty of first-degree drug trafficking conspiracy that came out of his leadership of a drug smuggling ring that brought methamphetamine from California to the Twin Cities.

According to CBS Minnesota, "Roughly seven years was recommended by the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines but Hennepin County attorneys argued for a much-steeper punishment."

The success of the sentencing is a major step towards curbing drug trafficking in Minnesota with harsher sentences now a possibility for many offenders.

Gophers Maybe Bowl Bound

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Minnesota's Golden Gopher football team has become bowl eligible for the first time since 2009 on Saturday.

The Gopher's 17-3 win over Illinois has given the Gophers their sixth win of the season, the number of wins needed for the Gophers to enter into the bowl competition.

According to the Minnesota Daily, Gophers running back Donnell Kirkwood and his backup, Rodrick Williams, were the key to the Gophers' success.

"The duo accounted for every yard of Minnesota's first scoring drive, which ended in a game-tying field goal shortly before halftime," the Minnesota Daily said.

The Gophers's defense was also instrumental in the team securing the win.

"The Illini crossed midfield only once in the second half, getting to Minnesota's 36 in the fourth quarter before turning the ball over on downs," the Star Tribune said.

For the first time in 20 years, Minnesota state government has become completely DFL-controlled.

In Tuesday's election results, several Republican candidates lost their election bids to Democratic candidates paving the way for Gov. Mark Dayton to pursue his agenda more easily.

"I was asked many times what would happen with a DFL governor and a DFL Legislature and I said, 'Progress,' " Gov. Mark Dayton said in the Star Tribune. "That's our responsibility now."

According to the Minnesota Daily, the new Legislature has put addressing the state's budget at the top of the list. They also have plans to review taxes, the bonding bill and University of Minnesota funding.

Many DFL legislators have also stressed the importance of working with the GOP to stabilize Minnesota's economy.

"The state is pretty much split down the middle," said former DFL legislator Roger Moe in the Star Tribune. "I think it is important for the Democrats to learn from what the Republicans did, which was that they kind of over-reached, particularly in terms of these constitutional amendments."

Arson Suspected Cause of Animal Hospital Fire

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North Branch police are asking the public for help in identifying the person responsible for intentionally setting fire to an animal hospital.

According to the Star Tribune 5 dogs and a cat were rescued from the blaze, unarmed after police were called at 3:30 am, Sunday.

"Damage to one corner of the building was extensive," said Sgt. Rick Sapp via the Pioneer Press.

Authorities are offering an award of $2,500 for any information leading to an arrest in the case.

Minneapolis teacher, 40, dies in classroom

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A teacher at an alternative Minneapolis high school collapsed in front of her students and died, Tuesday.

Lori Blomme, 40, had taught at Menlo Park Academy since 2003.

Students were taken out of the classroom and moved to they gymnasium while paramedics attended to Blomme, said the Pioneer Press.

Family and friends are baffled by Blomme's sudden death.

"Lori led a very busy life," the Star Tribune said. "The family has no immediate clue about why she died and are awaiting autopsy results."

In just one hour a Hennepin County jury convicted a man of playing a major role in an interstate methamphetamine ring, Friday.

Pedro Ayala-Leyva, 37, also known as Peli, was found guilty of first-degree drug-trafficking conspiracy for the ring which ran from the Twin Cities to California.

"He is the last of 11 major defendants to be convicted following the eight-month investigation by St. Paul police, the FBI and other agencies," the Star Tribune said.

Ayala-Leyva was not immediately arrested when the ring was busted 10 months ago, but after a search through the home he shared with two other suspected drug dealers revealed papers investigators believed to be "drug notes", he was charged with drug-trafficking conspiracy according to a March Pioneer Press report.

Ayala-Leyva's hearing is scheduled for Nov. 29.

Vigil Held For Woman Killed By Her Husband

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A candlelight vigil was held for Tensia Martinez Richard by friends and family, Saturday.

The 22-year-old, mother of two was shot to death by her estranged husband, Thursday.

"He lured her out of an Anytime Fitness at a Cottage Grove strip mall and killed her in a nearby Jimmy John's sandwich shop," the Star Tribune said. "He then fatally shot himself."

According to KSTP reporter Todd Wilson, police say there was a history of domestic abuse between Richard and her husband.

The small gathering of Richard's loved ones was held in a field adjacent to the Jimmy John's where she was gunned down.

Drought conditions are depleting Minnesota's water reserves and causing state officials to urge Minnesotans to conserve their resources.

The Department of Natural Resources is asking agricultural, commercial and industrial to limit their use outdoor irrigation and implement conservation measures, according to the Star Tribune.

According to DNR commissionar, Tom Landwehr, even though per-capita water consumption is decreasing nationwide, Minnesota's water use per resident is actually increasing.

"Nearly one-half of Minnesota is in severe drought or worse, rivaling the extreme drought of the late1980s," the Pioneer Press said.

"Its time to take water conservation more seriously," Landwehr said.

Minnesotan native is now oldest person in Minnesota

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On Sunday, Anna Stoehr celebrated her 112th birthday, making her the oldest Minnesotan and the 30th oldest person in the world.

Stoehr, who still lives at home alone, has continued to live independently despite her age. "Last spring, Stoehr's family persuaded her to hire an aide to come help clean twice a week" the Star Tribune reported. "That lasted a week, when Stoehr decided it was a waste of money to do what she could for herself."

According to the Gerontology Research group, Stoehr is on the list as the 14th oldest American Supercentenarian.

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