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Roughly four hours after going missing the wreckage of the plane that is believed to have been carrying popular Mexican-American singer, Jenni Rivera and six others has been found.

The wreckage was found in Nuevo Leon and there were no apparent survivors, said authorities in a statement to

Telemundo also reported that the jet can not be definitively identified as the same jet that was carrying the singer, but evidence suggests it is the same aircraft.

Officials said that the jet went missing about 62 miles south of Monterrey where just a day before Rivera had given a concert. The plane was headed to Toluca near Mexico City, said The Los Angeles Times.

Rivera was 43-years old and was best known for her interpretations of the Mexican norterno and banda music.

Child killed in African wild dog exhibit at PA. zoo

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A 2-year-old boy has died after he fell into an enclosure containing African painted dogs at a Pittsburgh zoo.

The child fell off of the railing his mother put him on and into the enclosure where the dogs mauled him.

"Zoo keepers called off most of the 11 dogs," the BBC said. "One refused to move away from the boy and was shot dead."

It is not clear if the child died from the fall or from the mauling said the Associated Press

The zoo has been closed and is under investigation by the police.

Bring It On and R&B Star, Natina Reed, Dead At 32.

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Actress and singer, Natina Reed, died Friday, Oct. 26, after being struck by a car while crossing a street in Georgia.

According to the Huffington Post, police determined the driver of the vehicle was not at fault and there are no charges pending.

"It is unclear why Reed was in the road," the Associated Press said.

Reed rose to fame as part of a 1990s girl R&B group, Blaque, and also starred in 2000's film Bring It On. She is survived by her 10-year-old son, Tren.

Armstrong Steps Down As Chair of Cancer-Charity

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Lance Armstrong has stepped down from his position as chairman of his well-known cancer-fighting charity, Livestrong and Nike has cut ties with Armstrong as fallout from Armstrong's doping scandal escalated Wednesday.

"Shortly after Armstrong announced his resignation as chair of the charity, Nike released a statement announcing they would no longer have any ties with the cycling legend, however, they will continue to support Livestrong," said the Huffington Post.

This news comes a week after the United States Anti-Doping Agency made its evidence of Armstrong being the linch-pin of an organized doping program on his Tour de France winning teams public.

Nike, which has stood by Armstrong for more than a decade of doping allegations, was prompted by "insurmountable evidence" to terminate their contract with Armstrong according to the New York Times.

With Armstrong stepping down as chair, vice chairman, Jeff Garvey, will step up and assume Armstrong's duties. However, Armstrong will still remain on the board.

Felix Baumgartner Shatters Sound Barrier

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On the 65th anniversary of the day Chuck Yeager became the first man to break the sound barrier in a jet, Felix Baumgartner became the first sky-diver to break the sound barrier.

"The 43-year-old former Austrian paratrooper with more than 2,500 jumps behind him had taken off early Sunday in a capsule carried by a 55-story ultra-thin helium balloon." The Associated Press reported.

In a record busting time of over 833.9 miles per hour or Mach 1.24, Baumgartner shattered the previous free-fall record of speed and altitude set by Joe Kittinger half a century ago.

But it was not merely an Evel Kineval type stunt, Baumgartner's free-fall from an altitude of 128,100 feet, was financed in part by NASA.

"Mr. Baumgartner was backed by a NASA-style mission control operation at an airfield in Roswell that involved 300 people," The New York Times reported. "Including more than 70 engineers, scientists and physicians who have been working for five years on the project."

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