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Green Box Project

Describe the challenge:
To come up with a green design solution to fit into a wooden box that is 14.25 x 3.25.

Describe your creative process:
I wanted my green design box to both eco-friendly as well as contianing healthy contents. Something that I have been interested in lately is green tea and its health benifits as well as the benifits of buying organic foods. After I came up with my concept I needed to figure out how to make it work in such a small box, and that is where the samples came in. There are so many different green teas out there that I thought it would be a good idea to havea sample box that also contained a book that tells you some of the benifits of drinking green tea.

Describe your solution:
I found small metal containers to display the tea that fit perfectly side by side into the box. In those boxes I added organic loose leaf tea. Some contained fruit flavors and others were some of the best known tea qualities. Then I found tea bags that were able to be reused to help go into the green design element. After finding the kinds of tea I made a booklet containing the different types and a little information on each one. I also wanted to inform the consumer about the benifits of drinking green tea so I added that in the booklet as well.

List the box contents + design elements:
The box contains 9 round 1.5in metal containers with clear plastic lids that display each ones contents. Three cotton bags each containing a green string to close them shut with an attached metal leaf charm. A booklet that is 11 x 3.25 that contains information on each tea, the health benifits of the tea, recipes that use green tea, and more uses for green tea. The design of the booklet is tied together by the use of the hand scetched tea leaf, the sage green accents, and the use of gill sans type. The book is bound together with green eyelets and the same emerald green waxy flax use for the cotton bags.

Outline the green design features:
Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea
Tamarack Paper
Reusable Cotton Bags that contain no color dyes.
Containers holding the green tea are reusable.
Use of Milk Paint

List specific eco-friendly materials used in this project:
Milk Paint - home made, chemically safe; can be found at the Green Mercantile $9.95/pint
Organic Green Tea - Whole Foods Co-op price varies depending on kind from $17-$45 per lb
Flower Valley Reusable Cotton Bags; Whole Foods Co-op $1. 80 for 3
Closed Loop Tamarack 75# text; the Green Mercantile $5.50 for 100