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Green Man


For the client project my first thought went to the Green Man Festival. As it is one of my favorite things to attend in Duluth in the summer, I thought it would be a great project to work on. Initial contact to our "client" went great. Everything seemed to fall into place until we found out they had their own artwork already. Hoping to be able to work with what they had our group decided to continue on. Too bad the artwork they gave us wasn't any good. So we each worked on our own ideas on what we thought would work well for the festival even though it wouldn't get used. My idea was to take leaves from Minnesota and create a "man" out of them. I wanted it to have a hand-drawn feel. The T-Shirt was created to look like a vintage shirt that just contained image. I wanted people to see it and inquire as to what it is for. I didn't want to use any type. The CD cover has the same idea but not to be quite so vintage as it is not clothing. I wanted to emphasize the image and have little text. Over all the project went ok, it taught me a lot about working with a client and how it won't always work out. It was most frustrating because our client was very open to our ideas and seemed excited about it but then all of a sudden wasn't. Setting up meetings didn't always work out but it is hard to get everyone's schedules to match up. I think the worst part was all the running around I had to do and all of the emailing I did and then have the client just stop responding. I just hope the next people I have to work with are a little more professional.