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Park Point

Cole, Trevor, and I decided to document Park Point. At first we wanted to do all of Park Point, however that wasn't an option so we went with the end... past the airport. For our project we wanted to make up a map of park point that tells of some of its legends. Obviously none of them are true, as one is about a sand monster, one has to do with a Venus flytrap, and so on. The map is geared toward tourists as something they could take along with them and look at as they walked along park point. This project is 12ft long and has to be able to be hand held so we decided to turn it into a scroll. This scroll will resemble an old map… to make it look worn a texture was added to the whole thing and the pictures were crumpled up and scanned in to give some depth. The three elements that we needed for this project were photography, illustration, and type. To make all three go together on our map we used the photos to represent pictures that someone took of the "real" sand monster, flytrap, mutant rabbit, park beast, and so on. The illustrations are an artists interpretation of what they really look like and the type informs the reader of the legend. It was a good project and everyone in our group worked well together... I just wish that we would have had more time to work on it. It was quite the project to take on with only a few weeks and having to do it during finals.


I really liked your last project. Your team did a great job with everything in it. The combination of the playful drawings, pictures, and hand colligraphy (sp?) style font worked really well in the whole piece. I like how it was one big piece of paper in a scroll format. The grayscale was nice too (and easy on the wallet). Although I think it would be nice if you could have died it somehow with coffee or tea bags. It would be a lot of work on something that large. It wasnt needed by any means but might be nice if you were going to put it in a show. Good job to all!!!