May 6, 2006


I wasn’t all that impressed with this article. “Beautility? the union of beauty and utility, the convergence of ethics and aesthetics. The author Tucker Viemeister states “beautility is the number-one criteria for good design.? I think that it’s obvious that as designers we want to create something that has a purpose and that looks good. I don’t know of any designer that wants to make something ugly. I think mostly that this article states what we already know, “Designers are key players in the beauty business.? However when it was stated “Americans make beauty a second-class priority. “ I feel that it is only half true. Granted we aren’t going to tell people we only like them because they look good, and many Americans do put of beauty/rewards till after the dirty work gets done. Like eating dessert after dinner, allowing yourself to go have a drink if you had a hard day, you have to wait to go on vacation until you have enough money and you have to work for that money. But in terms of design and art I believe that people put beauty first and they aren’t afraid to say so. I can’t imagine anyone going out to buy a painting and buying one they only kind of like because they felt bad at saying one was better than another. I suppose overall the article made sense but maybe went a little far in saying “It’s our obligation to our civilization and, indeed, to all living things to do better design!?