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Cultural Literacy

After I read the first entry I was very impressed by E. D. Hirsch's motivation to try to make a Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. That seems like a very hard task to me becasue literacy in different cultures and countries are forever changing. I have these friends that constantly change their slang. One week they'll be saying one word for something and the next week a completely different word meant for that same thing. Its hard to keep up! I cant imagine someone coming in as an "outsider" trying to figure out what they were talking about. I guess its neat in some ways that they do this because they had to of get the slang from someone or if they made it up soemone will hear it and pass it on to someone else, so cultural literacy is always spreading form culture to culture. This dictionary would have to be updated daily, probably even hourly! It would be nice if it was that easy, just make a book and it'll tell you everything you need to know in how to communicate with every culture. Just coming from my highschool, which is in St. Paul to The University of Minnesota which isnt very far from there, i hear many different words and way people organize their thoughts everyday then i ever thoght i would! Its strange to me how we all learned how to read and speak differently. It seems like theres just one concrete way to learn it but then everyone makes their own spin on it and people who come in connect with each other on a regular basis share that cultural literacy.


I really agree with you, I think making this type of dictionary would be really hard to do just because language and the way people use language changes so much and so fast.