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A solution?

After reading the second part, I felt like I understood what they were getting at with the solution. I know it is complicated and may not work comepletely, but when CIY and housing programs mix, it seems to be the best solution at this time. Having affordable housing become available to parents in the CIY program allowing them to move out to where their children would be going to school would not only help to make the schools integrated, but also the nieghborhoods. Minority and low-income families would then have an opportunity to live in the suburbs and those people who were already living there would get a taste of diversity therefore decreasing their prejudices and allowing them to be more open to minorities. It only takes a few people to change even an entire community's view. This could lead to those white parents to allow their children to come to the city if there was an improvement in those schools as well. For this to happen, housing must play a big role. I feel like people are only focusing on the school changes and not the housing which was presented as an important peice of the puzzle. Giving some of the miorities a chance to live in the suburbs would decrease minority enrollment in the city schools and therefore bring more of the white students back who were migrating to suburban and private schools to get away from that. That would make the city schools more integrated without having to bus anyone in from the suburbs. I don't believe it would solve the problem comepletely, but we cannot keep focusing on just moving the students, but their families as well. Housing is a terrible problem here and fixing that as well would help immensely.


I agree. There is not enough attention being paid to the housing situation. If some were given to it, and some changes, or options, made then perhaps we would be able to see some sort of definite altering in the situation at hand.