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I feel that these two selections are good examples and should teach us a lot about where other people are coming from when we try to teach them. Some of the students tutoring are volunteering at places that are housing refugees, much like the people in the two readings. Although for many of us, it may just seem like a place we go once a week for a couple of hours and then forget it until the next time we are there or in class, these people have to live this 24/7. I think that it is important for us, as both students and humans, to realize that the people we are working with may be dealing with deep emotional trauma or equally damaging psychological pain. For example, the mother in the second story had obvious been subjected to many painful experiences, which is evident from her refusal to travel in a car or even leave the house. Her shyness to try to learn English also proved a point of self oppression. It is our job as tutors to understand that the people we work with have the potential to move mountains but sometimes they simply do not have the opportunity, such as the girl from the first story, who attended college for a couple years was forced to drop out once her father could no longer pay for her tuition. But she continued to work and eventually was able to finish her degree. In conclusion, it is obvious that our students are interested in learning, but I feel that we must be fully into teaching them as well.


In conducting tutorials to people like them, we need to have effective communication skills. It is not only their lack of education that keeps them from communicating effectively with you but also their way of life and could also be their experiences that affected them psychologically. Like having traumas from past experiences, it may have changed the way they perceive things.

We must have effective communication skills if they don't have it. At least we could do the adjustment for them to understand us and to teach them better.

Tutors also need to increase confidence. To teach effectively, they must show confidence to their students so that their students would see them as reliable teachers who are confident of what they teach them.

It is important that they increase confidence so that they may also boost the confidence of their students.

Its good that you help these people develop and improve their communication skills. They could not be as fortunate as you are.

Communication skills is very important not only to communicate better but to build confidence in one's self. If one has developed his communication skills, it would be easier for him to develop more confidence.

It is good to have students that has the will to learn and are positive about it. So teachers must be positive and motivated about it, too.