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The Solution

I liked reading this half of the article better, because it felt like I could connect more to the topic. A lot of the focus was on charter schools, and my service learning hours take place at one of these charter schools. Before reading this article, some of the girls in our class including me were always wondering what the differences were between charter schools and so called traditional schools. This article helped to clear the issue up, and from my experiences at a charter school the accounts are fairly accurate. I think that another reason why charter schools don’t do as well is that sometimes they are suppose to be headed by parents. Parents are suppose to take an initiative and serve on the board. A lot of these schools have very few parents that are willing to do this, and often the school suffers from lacking this leadership.
To answer Caitlin’s question six on whether schools will ever be racially integrated I would say that yes ideally it could happen that schools will eventually be integrated, but it would take hard work and a long time for the process to happen. The way the article says that all they have to do is move like 12,000 African Americans does not seem that plausible, and how do you choose what students go back into the inner-city schools from the suburbs. Even if this would be accomplished it seems unlikely that other outside influences wouldn’t disrupt the racial balance like new people moving into the Twin Cities. Although I am not completely sold by this idea, we cannot just let the segregation get worse and we should at least try to even out the schools as much as possible.