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Th education of Richard Rodriguez

After reading this article like many of my fellow classmates, stood undecided on schooling in your native language. I think that since your in America you need to know english to really suceed but then i dont belive eyou should have to give up your family intimacy for that. My bestfriend/roomates mother and father are from Mexico and she grew up speaking both English and Spanish perfectly. Maybe she is just an exception but id ont believe you have to lose your family culture to learn English. She even speaks it at home also. Its like they switch off.

One things that the article said that really struck me when talking about his parents public speaking, "Hearing them, I'd grow nervous, my clutching trust in their protection and power weakened." I think thats so sad that a child would have to feel this way. Just because his parents couldnt speak English very well he didnt really even feel safe. A child is suppose to always feel protected by the parenst and if that protection and trust doesnt exsist then thats horrible. This probably also drove Ricardo to speak English better though also. If he couldnt trust his parents English speaking then we would learn and not have to trust them and just trust himself.

I took Spanish for 8 years growing up and i feel like i know nothing. You really have to be forced in the situtation, like Ricardo, to really get the hang of it. I have ben lucky so far in life to not have to deal with that kind of stree and pressure to not even be able to feel home when at home.


I agree that it is possible for people to have the necessary Enlish skills to flourish in this country and still maintain their native tongue. In fact i believe that they have even more of an advantage if they are fluently bi-lingual than a person who has knowledge of only one language.