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How I relate to "Hunger of Memory"

The article we had to read this week is one that I can totally relate to,
for several reasons. First of all, my entire family speaks Spanish, and
I've heard it for my entire life, even if I couldn't speak it until middle
school. In a way my family does endorse Spanish as a necessary thing to
learn in order to be "accepted" into the family. In fact the family members
I know the least about or have never met are those who do not know Spanish,
but I don't know if it is just because they have never really spent much
time with the rest of us, or because they are encouraged not to. Anyway,
since my grandmother came to the US from Guatemala when she was 19, I think
that learning English was a matter of sinking or swimming. By the rest of
my family learning it, we have helped her but in the outside world it is
really hard for her still, and she is a very quiet woman. But when she
spends time with other Spanish speakers, she is much more outgoing and
confident with her ideas and words. This is what I saw when I read "Hunger
of Memory", because of how Ricardo's shyness could relate to my
grandmother's timidness to fully interact with the world. I believe that it
is hard for anyone to balance between two cultures and languages
effectively, but for someone in Ricardo or my grandmother's position, it is
necessary to do so.


I thought it was really interesting how you could relate to the article Sarah. I think the most important point you made was when you said learning English in your Grandmother's point of view was a sink or swim situation. Many of us agree that it is crucial to learn English while at the same time maintaining one's own language/culture. Many people believe one of the most effective ways to learn a language, even if you can read or write it is to become immersed in it. This means going to the country where the native language is spoken and being forced to speak in that language helps you develop your linguistic skills much more rapidly. I think this was the teacher's intent when she wanted Richard to only speak English at home, and as a result his brothers and sisters did improve their English immediately. I am not close to understanding what Richard went through, and I can only speak from my own experiences, but learning English in America regardless if Americans don't learn other languages when they travel, is extremely important. It is essential for surviving, you cannot have a translator with you 24/7.

I definatley agree with both of you and bot of your writings. I think that a language will be easier to learn if you are constantly surrounded by it. I learned more French in the two weeks that I spent in Paris then in the three years I took in Highschool. I also think that learning the language of where you are living is essential to survivial like Caitlin said. If you want to be a contributing member of society you have to at least be able to speak the language fluently, this by no means means that you have to lose touch with your culture, it's just something that needs to happen in order for you to be a functioning member. Like it said in the article, Richard needed to be able to go to the grocery store and stuff. There aren;t translators on every corner, good point.

I think another important point to add to this is the difficulty that many immigrants face when they understand that they are now the minority, and that this takes away much of their power that they once had. For example, Jorge’s parents couldn’t speak Spanish in public without being stared at or seen as “different.? Coming from a place where they could once speak Spanish as much as they wanted, this restrains them in a way to the English language, and takes away part of how they could once express and show their culture. This is an important topic when discussing literacy, because seeing things like this in the community can deter immigrants from fully emerging themselves in the American culture and will cut down on their overall ability to speak and read in English. This is such an important topic for me because this is what I am writing my paper about, and I feel that many immigrants feel this way when they first come to America.

Being on a different country is really hard to adjust especially in communicating. You really have to learn their language so that you can communicate effectively.

In learning other languages, one effective way to do it is to talk to people who speak it. Talking to people can help you practice the language and learn it at the same time. You should not be shy for not understanding them. Instead, let them understand your situation that you are new to their country and you cannot speak their language so that they may help you and adjust with you as well.

It is ok to learn other language and still keep your own. It is just for effective communication. To still speak your own language, or your family's, keeps your own culture alive.

Language is one of the barriers in communication especially with different cultures and countries.

In situations where you go to other countries or get along with people who has different culture from yours, you really need to improve communication skill. You need extra effort to communicate with them for you to be understood correctly and to understand them as well.

When you improve your communication skill, it means that you must be more open minded to consider their own practices which might be different in your culture. The same goes with language. In short, you should be more considerate with your differences.

Sometimes a person cannot really express himself because of communication barriers. They may appear shy but they are outgoing if not only with their communication problems.

They need to develop their communication skills but sometimes its just so hard especially if we talk about cultural and language differences. But they must practice it by mingling more with people. It will help them improve faster.

Cultural differences can really separate people. But there are times that we need to deal with people who have different culture from us. We just need to be positive when facing this kind of situation.

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