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Hunger Of Memory

I thought this was a really interesting article. I never thought about what it must feel like for a foreign student to have to go through that in school. For example, having a huge language barrier, and not knowing enough English to make a complete sentence that could summarize you thoughts. I thought it was an interesting point of view that gave me a different perspective on students who come from somewhere else, and for students aho have had to learn English as a second language. It must have been a struggle for them when they first started to learn the language because, like Richard they may not have known enough words in English to summarize their complete thought. I also never thought about what it would be like to be “unwanted� in your community or neighborhood. Its really bad that some people look down on other people because they have a different culture than their own, just like Richards neighbors did to his family. It also must have been a huge culture shock for him, especially when he went to school and the nun sounded out his name in English when he had only every heard it pronounced in a Spanish accent before. And then in the end again when he realized that he was losing his ability to speak his native language because he was kind of being forced to conform to a new culture. I thought this was a really interesting article that allowed people to view a situation from a different angle.

1. What do you think your thoughts would be if you were in Richards situation?
2. What would you have done differently? Would you have been able to do anything differently?
3. Do you think that this type of situation happens a lot in America?
4. Is it some