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Indigenous People vs. Western Scientists / Teaching Framework

We aren't as different as we think we are! It is interesting to me especially on pages 3 and 4, where the author ends up talking about quantum physics and the butterfly effect. You know, these are major theories and findings by Western Scientists, and all of these findings tie into the understanding of human nature that the Indigenous people have always known. That just blew my mind away. It's like the Western Scientists are behind in the discoveries, while everyone views the Indigenous people as the people who are so far behind in their culture and findings.

The other part of the article that I enjoyed was the five-part conceptual framework. That explained the ideal teaching system and teacher for me at least. (1) Educators must be culturally literate (2) Teachers must self reflect on their own attitudes (3) Educators must be caring (4) Teachers must have respect for diversity (5) Critical thinking encouraged. These are all great suggestions for what a teacher should do. That way a child will feel more comfortable with the teacher, and the teacher will develop a relationship with the student. Also, once they develop this relationship, since the teacher is not just hammering information into the students' head, the students will be put into an environment in which they want to and can learn.


I personally feel that I did learn have an opportunity to learn about Native Americans. We spent just as much time on it as we did on our white parts of history- flappers, prohibition, the iron ore industry.