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My Feelings Toward Richard

I enjoy reading articles and being able to express how I feel about the situation. However, it is kind of tough after reading this article to know what to say. I have mixed feelings both for learning the American language, but I also feel that it should be a thing of pride to keep your Mexican culture. It is really up to the person as to whether or not they are going to keep their culture, leave it behind and adjust the American ways, or end up finding an equilibrium and doing both. I don't think that people can really blame anyone for their choices. If they believe that it is America's fault for teaching children English and American ways in the classroom, and that is the reason for losing faith, then they are wrong. Keeping their faith and culture is a personal motivation issue, but the way that Richard's household life was isn't fair. In that type of environment it IS hard to keep one's faith. So, I really don't know what to say for Richard. He's in a lose-lose situation, unless he is able to find a way to keep his Mexican culture AND learn the American ways.


In my entry, I talked about some of the things that you discussed. I think that it is necessary in the American society to speak English. When I was volunteering last wednesday, I asked a kid why he chose to go to that particular school. He said that he wanted to learn English the quickest way possible, so he chose the Minnesota Intership Center. He also said that learning Eglish is so important in our society because it allows us to learn so much other things that we could never learn if we did not speak English.
In this story, Richard's family stressed the importance of reading. They stressed it so much, that they stopped their children from speaking their native language of Spanish. I think that was a their choice and was necessary in order to get their children to "Americanize." I believe that learning English is important; however, it should not cause a risk of losing your native culture and language.
Alex Christianson